Becoming an author has never been more accessible. For those with the ideas, patience, determination, and guidance, the distinction of being a published author is within reach.

The trend has spread beyond coaches, trainers, speakers, and consultants to service professionals such as lawyers and architects.

So, has it peaked? Will demand for self-published books wane as more authors publish?

No, demand will not wane. Niche audiences have been thrilled to find original, deep writing on topics that matter to them. Teamwork. Presence. Adversity. Mental health at work.

But change is coming.

Audiences will be more demanding. They will expect higher standards of writing, ideas, book design and printing before they fall at the feet of authors.

For authors, the challenge is clear:

Work hard.

Think hard.

Stay ahead of the pack.

Be among the authors who are commanding attention, winning respect, and earning more money, next year and beyond.

What’s a trend you’ve spotted, good or bad?

Happy holidays!