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Mike Adams

When you share purposeful stories in your client conversations, you’ll create more new business than you thought possible. Seven Stories shows you how to use stories in high-stakes sales to establish rapport and trust, deliver insight, inspire action and close the deal. And, in doing so, you’ll win new friends and collaborators.

Sharing more than 50 stories from around the world, Mike draws on his diverse international sales career to teach and demonstrate the power of storytelling — from first hello to signed contract.
This book will change the way you think about selling. Rather than seeing your role as that of a transactional deal closer, you’ll become a story master and connection builder.

Beth Jennings

My intention is for you, woman in business, to feel inspired to ask yourself, how do you show up in the world? Are you fully expressed? Do you feel really seen and understood or is there room for more?

My faith is that you will take what you need and apply it. You’re a woman of action, you don’t need another how-to book.

My greatest wish is for you to let go of the jungle and step into who you really are and your true power with confidence.

Forget world’s best practice, how about world’s best YOU?

It’s time to recognise your power, and it’s time to own it.

You’ve totally got this.

Jonathan Reeve

The disruption of store retail by online shopping has only just begun. Few retailers are ready for the changes ahead.
Online retail expert Jonathan Reeve forecasts that last-mile innovations will see shopping online overtake shopping in stores within 20 years.

The Amazons of this world have blazed the trail and a small number of retailers are keeping up. Most are well behind and have underestimated the threat. Reeve urges us to get ready before it’s too late.

Dr Patsy Tremayne

Medical registrars face regular high stakes, high-cost exams. Each time they sit and fail, their confidence and their bank balance plummet. As smart as medical registrars are, most don’t know how to study efficiently. They wear themselves out, put their family life at risk and sometimes lose their careers (and their lives).

Dr Patsy Tremayne, sports-psychologist-turned-exam-performance-coach, has coached dozens of “failures” to success. Her book shows how to study in a structured and efficient way even when you are under intense pressure from your day job, overtime demands, continual research and family life. Regain control, and you will ace your exams and every other facet of your life.

Claudia Lantos

How to manage your peak performance in a world where complexity is the norm? Mastering the Scenario Thinking Framework™ will help you to navigate your way through adversity with confidence, increasing your leadership adaptability, resilience and decision making. Thrive, instead of survive.

David Grieve

Running a business can sometimes feel like trying to eat an elephant. And the best way to eat an elephant is ‘one bite at a time’ as the African proverb goes.

Packed with bite-sized anecdotes and practical tips, David guides you through the challenges your day-to-day role as a manager or business owner.

With suggestions, questions and strategies based on from the author’s experiences and observations as a business leader and business growth coach, you will achieve your management and business goals. Solve those “insurmountable” problems one bite at a time.

Anthony Stevens

The paradigms of big business have changed. Business models that were once lucrative now seem to barely move the needle. How can pre-digital businesses survive? They’re loaded with resources, brand power and deeply embedded networks. They just need a new playbook.

Authors Anthony Stevens and Louis Strauss have played this game from the inside, as entrepreneurs and tech leaders in one of the big four global accounting firms.

Now, with Chasing Digital, they offer a clear and detailed framework to help leaders leverage their strengths and re-design their organisation. From taking advantage of artificial intelligence, to harnessing big data, this playbook gives you the tools and mindsets needed for your business to thrive.

Transition beyond old business models to adopt the new digital paradigm and a new era of business.

Leonie Green

Want to lead, but find that doubt is getting in your way?

You are not alone. In fact, you are among many, many leaders who are plagued by doubt every day. And that includes the author, lawyer and successful entrepreneur, Leonie Green.

But while doubt is almost a given, the action you take is not. Leonie’s funny, kind and unusual approach to doubt makes sure you finish her book with techniques to deal with the doubt and stop it dead.

Many a leader fails to address their doubt, and it becomes their undoing. If you are ready to stop doubting, and start leading in your own unique way, this book is for you.

Ric Navarro

Customer obsession is the new black

So much of marketing, even in this digital age, is concerned with what to say — and when, where, and to whom to say it — in order to sell a product or service. Too many brands expend their energy and money on this approach without truly understanding their customers.

Ric Navarro, who has worked as Chief Marketing Officer for global brands, offers another way. And he backs his approach with evidence and stories of its success. He helps C-Suite leaders navigate the complexities of modern marketing.

When brands are obsessed with the entire customer experience, have a deep understanding of why their message is important to customers and why they will care enough to listen, they stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

Marketing with Purpose is for a C-Suite guide to understanding and elevating the marketing function within your organisation in a way that supercharges your customer obsession.

Leah Mether

Do you have days when you feel like you’re communicating with toddlers rather than adults in the workplace? Are you tired of dealing with sulking, tantrums, personality clashes and poor performance?

If you are not getting the results you need as a high-performance leader, this book is for you. In it, you will learn a new approach to communication that will radically improve your leadership effectiveness.

Yet few leaders have been taught the FOUNDATIONS of GREAT communication.

In “Soft is the New Hard: How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure”, communications and soft-skills specialist, Leah Mether, gives you the complete solution: a step-by-step process that underpins communication and lays the foundations for success.

Jamie Pride

Startup failure is preventable!

Ninety-two per cent of technology startups fail in the first three years, leaving their founders burnt out, alone and fatigued. But this culture of failure doesn’t have to be the norm. 

Unicorn Tears is the ultimate guide to avoiding startup failure, written by a founder, for founders. As an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, author Jamie Pride has lived through and witnessed the mental and financial pain of startup failure.

Through this, he has created a robust strategy grounded in reality to give founders the best possible chance of success.

Don’t let your startup follow the pattern of failure. Whether you’re just starting out with an idea or you have an established startup, Unicorn Tears shares a winning formula for building a startup that lasts.

Thomas Green

There is no denying that digital is changing the world we live in and that companies must adapt. What has worked in the past simply won’t work anymore. Business as usual is dead. Yet many leaders haven’t fully grasped the profound and fundamental shift occurring in our midst. Tom’s book, Digital Transformation, is a roadmap to a profitable and profound digital future.

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