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When you’re an authority,
clients come to you.

Advance from expert to authority in just 90 days.
You’ll be coached all the way from blank page
to brilliant book through my unique
structured program.

I’m Kath Walters, a business journalist and book coach for experts writing business books.

My clients rise above crowded fields by putting the author in authority. Their book demonstrates the difference between an expert and an authority. My clients’ books become magnets for the type of work they want to attract. 

If you’re ready to become an authority in your field, contact me for a no-obligation conversation about whether we’re a good fit.




Why a book coach?

Scratch the covers of most “individual” accomplishments and you’ll find a busy team. One-woman shows have directors, producers, lighting designers and ticket sellers. Successful entrepreneurs have investors, advisors and visionary early clients.

Becoming an influential author is as much of a team endeavour as every stride into the spotlight.

Put simply, a book coach will get you over the finish line with a winning book. That’s much harder to do on your own. You need a team whether you’re racing-car driver Lewis Hamilton making a podium finish at the Monaco Grand Prix, journalist Malcolm Gladwell planting a sixth flag on the New York Times bestseller list … or an author with a great idea you need to get out of your head.

Every day you waste struggling to work out concepts, form, structure, voice and process on your own is a day your book isn’t out there to throw a net over the work you want to attract.

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Is your book idea “good” enough?

I coach experts around the world in writing books that transform them into authorities. That doesn’t mean you need a PhD in your field. However, it does mean you need enough experience in your area to bring something new to the discussion.

You don’t have to know that now. That’s part of my expertise. Our first task will be to find precisely what thoughts, models and experiences you’ll be contributing to the conversation in your field. Because of my expertise in defining what makes your book different, you’ll know from the start that you’re producing something original — something even your peers will have to read.

We can have a preliminary, no-obligation conversation about your book idea now.




How does book coaching work?

Your book coach is by your side from the start. You already have the vital elements — your expertise and experience. Your book coach packs the catalyst. She has the know-how to break those elements down and build them into something new — a book that will cement your authority.

Your book coach will challenge you as you outline your book, helping you to validate your ideas. She will stand in for your readers through the drafting. She will agitate on their behalf for deeper, crisper, more useful insights from you.

And she’ll be the reassuring voice on the phone when you wonder — as all real authors do — whether you’re bringing something original into the world. In short, a good book coach will push you with honest feedback and hold you accountable until you’re confident you’ve poured gold onto the page.

And along the way, your book coach will reveal a proven structure for your book. You’ll be free to focus on expressing brilliantly the things you already know because you can lean on your book coach’s expertise in the structure and mechanics.

The result — in just 90 days — is a book that is ready to edit or send to a publisher.

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Who is your book coach?

As a professional business writer, I’ve written something like 1.3 million words over the past 25 years. As a business journalist, my writing reached 40,000 readers a week for 14 years. My byline is familiar to readers of the Australian Financial Review, Smart Company, BRW, Business Spectator, Women’s Agenda, ANZ Bluenotes and Company Director.

What that means to you is that I already know your readers. I know what they want. I know what they expect. And I have been giving them what they want and expect for more than two decades.

Now, I guide smart, accomplished businesspeople through a momentous transition. They are experienced, thoughtful practitioners. They have an idea that is like a mental itch that must be scratched. Getting that idea out of their heads and into a book will take them to the next level in their business. They will be sought-after authorities with the book to prove it.

To get them there, they need a coach with the expertise to take their idea, shape it and — as a self-declared “finishing freak” — get it done. Because unwritten books don’t unlock leads.

If you try to do this on your own, you’ll waste time wondering, doubting and reinventing wheels. With a coach, you’ll have someone to work with you on crystallising purpose and ideal reader. You’ll have someone to workshop your thinking and to structure the book. You’ll have someone to hold you accountable to a timeline.

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About my Brain-to-Book 90-Day Accelerator program

My Brain-to-Book 90-Day Accelerator program eliminates the risk of false starts and washouts. I work with authors all over the world, drawing them their own personal map through the maze has other authors doubling back, hitting delete on days of work or raising the white flag altogether.

With my Brain-to-Book 90-Day Accelerator program, you’ll have direction, targets and someone in your corner working with you to firm up and test your ideas. You don’t have to waste time figuring out things that someone who has been there a hundred times can just tell you. You’ll have me to hand you everything you need to know about structure and production.

And however deep you wade into the details while you’re writing, I’ll be keeping an eye on the whole landscape.

After only about 60 hours of talking, writing and polishing (across 90 days), you’ll have gone from blank page to a manuscript that’s primed for editing and publishing. You might target a traditional publisher like Wiley. Alternatively, you might hit the publishing button yourself to keep total control.

You’re just 90 days away from holding your manuscript. Why wait?




How does the Brain-to-Book 90-Day Accelerator program work?

My Brain-to-Book 90-Day Accelerator is the program my second-time authors wish they’d known about the first time.

Working together, one on one, in the Brain-to-Book 90-Day Accelerator means that we’ll spend the next 90 days working on your book using these five authority acceleration outcomes:

  • First, let’s get you feeling clear and focused. Using my time-saving templates and brain-dump hacks, we get concepts out of your head and into a tangible structure.
  • Second, let’s create momentum through EIGHT private two-hour sessions designed to get you from concept to first draft.
  • Third, I’ll allow you to put all of your focus into the creative side of writing your book. How? By transcribing and editing your first draft (worth over $3,200 alone).
  • Number Four allows you to polish up your new authority building piece by following my Seven-Step Review process.
  • And to finish things off, perhaps most importantly of all, I’ll provide you with expert direction via my Insiders’ Guide to Perfect Publication, so that you can finally leave your pitches and meetings having made a lasting authority statement.

In just 90 days, you’ll be holding a unique, proven argument wrapped in the manuscript of a truly original book.

Pure authority perfectly packaged.

Share your ideas with the people who need them. Contact me, no obligation.




The Brain-to-Book 90-Day Accelerator program is right for you if…

  • People are always saying “you should write a book about that”.
  • You’ve had an idea in your head for a while and it just won’t go away.
  • You’ve been practising in your area for at least five years.
  • You’re on your first, second, third or tenth book and you want the process to be smoother, faster and with less angst.
  • As a writer, you’re opening to coaching because you know it will get you the best book possible.
  • You’re ready to be held accountable.
  • You don’t have time to learn how editing, publishing, designing and the rest of the book production process works.
  • You want to clarify your ideas so you can use them to differentiate yourself.
  • You’re making the investment in a book to leverage yourself into more or higher-paying work — you’re not looking to recoup your investment through book sales only.
  • You like process — or you recognise you won’t get the book written without a rigorous process.
  • You want to believe in yourself as an author.

What’s Next

So have people have said to you, “you should write a book on that”? Or do you look at other authors in your field and think, I have at least that much to contribute? Would you like honest feedback on your idea and a description of the road ahead?

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Unicorn Tears

I had this idea for a book that I couldn’t get out of my head. Kath was able to extract the knowledge out of my head and drive momentum over a 12-week process that ultimately resulted in 55,000 words published by Wiley Business Books.

Jamie Pride

Soft Is The New Hard

I am a journalist. I know I can write. But Kath helped me determine the best book for my ideal audience. Even before the book was published, it added to my credibility and increased enquiries for training.

Leah Mether

Meeting Madness

I just can’t thank Kath enough for her help with the book, the structure is fabulous. The service is fabulous. I recommend it highly.

Rhonda Tranks


Kath’s methodology tapped perfectly into how I work to get the ideas flowing freely. Her questions got me thinking more deeply, and I would never have found the structure without her. She’s so supportive and easy to work with.

Tracey Ezard

Retail’s Last Mile

Kath was with me every step of the way — keeping me motivated and drawing on her experience to provide great advice and insights.

Jonathan Reeve

Rapid Response

The amount of work we covered, and quality added by Kath in a short timeframe was incredible. Kath added so much value to my book. She simplified the process with professional yet down-to-earth advice.

Glenn Tranter

Stop Doubting, Start Leading

I came to Kath after a couple of false starts because I didn’t know how to get it done. The book kept going back into the too-hard basket. Kath gave me momentum and asked smart questions, and her process really helped me get it out of my head. She was brilliant at drawing out areas where the book needed more clarity. She held me accountable and she knows what’s needed to make a successful business book.

Leonie Therese Green

Build Live Give

Kath’s structure is fantastic. If I’d been left to my own devices, it wouldn’t have been so tight. She also played a great devil’s advocate, so the book is much higher quality than it would be if I hadn’t had that. Also, having times in the diary and tasks to do drove me to finish the book. Without that, a three-month process would have taken me easily nine months.

Paul Higgins

Eat The Elephant

Every author needs a coach, and I chose Kath because of her experience as a business journalist with the AFR and BRW. From her, I learned how to write a business book that engages an audience following a very simple structured approach that gave me discipline.

David Grieve

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