Hello, I’m Kath

Essentially, I am a business journalist, but what I’m obsessed with today is helping thought leaders to write a brilliant business book they are proud to share with the world.

You know how excruciating it can be when you have a book in your head and you just can’t get it out onto the page?

Well, what I do is:
• show you a simple system to get it done in 90 days so that you can position yourself as the authority you are.

For most people, writing a book is like climbing Mount Everest. I’m like your Sherpa: doing the heavy lifting and guiding you safely to the summit to achieve your goal.

1. What you can expect if you work with me:
• Honesty: I am going to tell you if any part of your book is not good enough and show you how to make it brilliant
• A partner who holds you to account. We agree to deadlines and I hold you to them.

2. In return, what I expect from you is:
• To stay focused through our program.
• To finish and publish your book.

Get started on your brilliant business book today!