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Book coaching from a business journalist of 25 years.

I help experts with an idea that’s like an itch they must scratch. Together, we shape that idea and, following my proven framework, my clients write a book that puts the author in authority.

As a professional business writer, I’ve written something like 1.3 million words over the last 25 years. As a business journalist, my writing reached 40,000 readers a week for 14 years. My byline is familiar to readers of the Australian Financial Review, Smart Company, BRW, Business Spectator, Women’s Agenda, ANZ Bluenotes and Company Director.

What that means to you is that I already know your readers. I know what they want. I know what they expect. And I have been giving them what they want and expect for more than two decades.




Conscious Grit

I had tried many times to get my book out of my head. I just couldn’t get any momentum until I started working with Kath. I found the method Kath created was perfect for me. I was able to get to the heart of what I wanted to say, who I wanted to say it to and I became acutely aware of why I was writing this book.

I thought I knew all this before I started; however it was Kath’s process that made it crystal clear.

I found the process addictive. The 90 day model included several deadlines and appointments with Kath and kept me accountable, motivated and reassured that I was investing time and effort into something that I would be proud of. Kath is smart, wise and a fab communicator. Her love of words and the process of writing is infectious.

genuine interest in my writing continued past the 90 days and every time we spoke I gathered valuable tips for publishing, launching and promoting. I recommend Kath’s unique 90 day model and her personable approach to anyone considering writing a book.

Gail Eaton-Briggs

Beating The Odds

Kath coached me as I wrote ‘Beating the Odds: A practical guide to navigating sexism in Australian universities'. I found Kath's approach to book coaching supportive, practical, flexible and ultimately, very successful. Kath taught me a lot about popular book structure, tone of writing and reader communication. She introduced me to publishers. She advised me on how to overcome challenges and roadblocks. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kath and we had a lot of fun. I strongly recommend Kath's services to anyone who wants to write a brilliant book.

Marcia Devlin

Residential Aged Care Transformed

We all have a book in us, or so the saying goes. If you want to get that book out of you look no further than Kath Walters. She has an excellent, well structured process, is easy to work with and is a fantastic mentor. I loved the whole experience. And the book is pretty special too!

Allison Patchett

Kath's program is the reason I've created a sensational book. Her structure got me clear on my message and helped me capture more knowledge than I knew I possessed.

I've been amazed at how her simple-to-follow plan has turned a daunting task into a joyous adventure.

I'll be getting Kath's guidance again on future books. I'd be nuts not to – Kath is the secret to my success!

Georgie Smith

Kath's guidance, process and structure have provided invaluable support in getting all my ideas together into one cohesive flow. She is both a guiding light and a bedrock of support, reminding me of my strengths and experience while giving sound feedback along the way. My writing is forever changed through working with Kath, truly shifting me in the process and forging the path towards my unique purpose and calling.

Noelle Aquila

The Pinnacle of Presence

Kath’s process and structure ensured I kept moving forward with my book. She posed powerful questions and gave tremendous support.

I would not have completed my final manuscript without her. And now, as a published author, Kath continues to offer me support as needed. She will truly partner with you.

Sheila Wherry

Mentally at Work

I thought I could write my book on my own, but now I understand why so many would-be authors never get to the finish line … it’s because they didn’t have Kath Walters. Her framework, her ability to hold me to account, her encouragement, her questions—that’s what enabled Mentally at Work to get out into the world and have the impact I wanted it to have.

Genevieve Hawkins

The Courageous Sponsor

I have wanted to write a business book for several years and had several starts with no finishes.

Kath’s program gave me structure, discipline and routine to create my book. Kath’s style is firm, friendly and encouraging. She kept me going when I was ready to give up.

Kath also guided me to the right editors and designers, so I had a quality product at the end.

I am delighted to have published my book, and that it has been so well received in the project management community. Thanks, Kath!

Annie Sheehan

Soft Is The New Hard

I am a journalist. I know I can write. But Kath helped me determine the best book for my ideal audience. Even before the book was published, it added to my credibility and increased enquiries for training.

Leah Mether

Meeting Madness

I just can’t thank Kath enough for her help with the book, the structure is fabulous. The service is fabulous. I recommend it highly.

Rhonda Tranks


Kath’s methodology tapped perfectly into how I work to get the ideas flowing freely. Her questions got me thinking more deeply, and I would never have found the structure without her. She’s so supportive and easy to work with.

Tracey Ezard

Stop Doubting, Start Leading

I came to Kath after a couple of false starts because I didn’t know how to get it done. The book kept going back into the too-hard basket. Kath gave me momentum and asked smart questions, and her process really helped me get it out of my head. She was brilliant at drawing out areas where the book needed more clarity. She held me accountable and she knows what’s needed to make a successful business book.

Leonie Therese Green

Scale Without Fail

Thank you, Kath, for your invaluable help in getting my book off the launchpad and into print. You gave me the structure and support, challenge and encouragement that every aspiring author needs. And your follow-up is legendary!

Graeme Hosking


Thank you, Kath, for teaching me how writers write, coaching me with great questions, and helping me structure my book – which has now landed and turned out to be a great professional achievement.

Rob Pyne

Retail Innovation Reframed

We have both written articles, content and whitepapers before, but this was our first book. Kath’s sessions and techniques were smart and thoughtful and helped us collect our thoughts, explain them clearly for the reader, and narrow down our ideas to a clear and flowing story. She’s a wonderful human and invaluable in the writing process.

Andrew Smith and Gareth Jude

Unicorn Tears

I had this idea for a book that I couldn’t get out of my head. Kath was able to extract the knowledge out of my head and drive momentum over a 12-week process that ultimately resulted in 55,000 words published by Wiley Business Books.

Jamie Pride

Retail’s Last Mile

Kath was with me every step of the way — keeping me motivated and drawing on her experience to provide great advice and insights.

Jonathan Reeve

Rapid Response

The amount of work we covered, and quality added by Kath in a short timeframe was incredible. Kath added so much value to my book. She simplified the process with professional yet down-to-earth advice.

Glenn Tranter

Build Live Give

Kath’s structure is fantastic. If I’d been left to my own devices, it wouldn’t have been so tight. She also played a great devil’s advocate, so the book is much higher quality than it would be if I hadn’t had that. Also, having times in the diary and tasks to do drove me to finish the book. Without that, a three-month process would have taken me easily nine months.

Paul Higgins

Eat The Elephant

Every author needs a coach, and I chose Kath because of her experience as a business journalist with the AFR and BRW. From her, I learned how to write a business book that engages an audience following a very simple structured approach that gave me discipline.

David Grieve

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