Why I love what I do

As a kid, I loved to fold pages from my exercise books to make teeny tiny books, and draw tiny covers and fill them with tiny stories.  But I didn’t become a professional writer until I was in my early 30s. That was when I got my first story published in the Canberra Times. I was so excited when I saw my name and my words in print, I jumped all around the house! I was hooked.

I spend the next couple of decades writing stories for leading business publications. I absolutely loved being paid to write, and I am so grateful for that time. I learned so much. I still write freelance because I just love writing stories.

But more recently, I discover another great passion – helping my clients write and self-publish books. I work with people who have a lot of knowledge and have reached a point where they a bursting to share it with the world, and I help them tell their story and make their messages crystal clear. There is this moment when I am working with people, and they suddenly clarify what they want to say, and how they want to say it. The look on their faces is priceless. I love that moment.

Writing and publishing a great book that gets readers excited is not easy … but it is possible. You know how I worked out my program? I tried writing a book and completely stuffed it up. Then I worked out how to plan, structure and write a book and I published my first book: Sticky Content: Mastering the Delicate Art of Content Marketing.

You could buy a copy right now. Just click here and you will soon have a copy on its way.

Alternatively, you could get one for free. Yep, I give my book as a gift to everyone who does my Discovery Session.  That seems like a no-brainer to me.

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