On Sunday, I was in my bedroom folding my underpants. Or should I say Marie Kondo-ing my underpants. I was struck by a profound thought. You ready? There’s a time to fold your underpants in life and there’s a time where you just chuck them in the drawer.

What does this have to do with you and your goal to build your business, dear reader?

The answer is this.

One of the toughest decisions for coaches, trainer and other experts about writing a book is whether the timing is right. And just like there’s a time to fold your underpants, there’s a time to write your book.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert tells us that ideas leave. It’s worth heading her advice. If you have an idea for your book, chances are that now is the time to write it.

And if you don’t write the book, someone else will write the book for you.

Which is cool, except when you want recognition for your expertise in your field.

So, if you have got time to fold your underpants (or even if you haven’t) when you have an idea for a book, it’s time to write it. NOW.