If you have tried to rid yourself of your inner critic, you know it is a hard task. And, for authors, here is why it’s a mistake.

Perhaps when you sit down to write, the unkind inner critic is so vicious you cannot write a word.

Most writers will advise you to silence the inner voice. I disagree.

No, you don’t want the inner critic to abuse you or paralyse you.

But in some cases, your inner critic has a valid point to make.

Here’s how to harness her to help you identify what is good and bad in your writing.

When you write your first draft, outrun your inner critic. Write without stopping. Type or handwrite without deleting. Promise your inner critic that, at the end of your 1st draft, she will be involved.

Once you finish the 1st draft, invite your inner critic to help. As you read through, listen to her voice. But don’t let her say your whole book (or blog) is crap. Ask her for specifics.

🔸 Which exact bit of what I have written is crap?

🔸 Why is it crap?

🔸 Is something missing?

🔸 Or have I written too much?

🔸 What would make it better?

The more questions you ask the inner critic, the more you will tame her.

Don’t dismiss your inner critic. Invite her to have tea.