If you are thinking about writing a book, you might have wondered, “How am I going to sell my book after it’s published?”

Well — here’s a wild claim (that I can substantiate)… You can receive as much as $10K just for a single copy of your book!

If you are passable at maths, you’ll realise that you would have to sell 330 books at $30 each to make $10K. Hard work. And that’s if you self-publish and get all the money yourself. If you have a publisher, you’d have to sell 3,300 copies to make $10K on the average 10% royalty.

So, here’s how to make $10k from one book.

  1. You are a coach, trainer or speaker, so you have a program that you sell for, say, $10K.
  2. You meet a prospective client and GIVE them a copy of your book. Which they love. And so they buy your coaching or training program, or book you to speak.
  3. Bingo 1 book = $10K.

Even if your program is $3K, it’s still a fabulous return on investment.

I made around $400K on the back of my 1st book: Sticky Content: Mastering the Delicate Art of Content Marketing. My 2nd book — Overnight Authority: How to Win Respect, Command Attention and Earn More Money by Writing a book in 90 Days — is breaking all records.

What is your rule of thumb for return on investment from a coaching program? Mine is 10 times (I have to get back 10 times what I spend.)