How much of your book should you write before getting feedback from someone on it? This is a great question that productivity expert, Glenn Tranter, posed to me.

It’s a productivity question, of course: Why write a whole book if it’s not going to help anyone because it’s just not good enough? That is a waste of your precious time and could even undermine your brand.

I have two responses to this.

  1. Plan everything before you start writing. Sort out who you are writing for, and then plan your whole book outline. Then, plan each chapter in detail. You will become adept at spotting flaws before you even write a word.
  2. Appoint a truth-teller. All writers need supportive feedback. I promise my clients before we start working together, that I will give them honest feedback based on my 20-plus years’ experience as a professional business writer and journalist.

If you have appointed someone in your life to be your “truth-teller”, how do they help you?