If you are a “situational coach”, you probably think you couldn’t write a book.

After all, that is the nature of situational coaching. You work with what the client brings. It’s not about you.

In my experience, however, when coaches dig deeper, they find their own intellectual property and that forms the basis of their book.

Two recent examples:

My client Conor O’Malley is an executive coach. Time and again, he finds himself talking to leaders about trust. It comes up so often that Conor has created a model of trust. That became the basis of his recently released book: “Trust begins and ends with self”.

Sheila Wherry was open with me about her doubts about writing her book: “The Pinnacle of Presence: How great leaders connect, instil trust and get the right results”. But the more we spoke, the more Sheila identified the themes she repeatedly addressed. And she captured them elegantly in her clarifying book on the oft-misunderstood topic.

What themes do you notice among the problems your clients present to you?