Are you an expert follower?

The problem the world is facing today is not so much a lack of leadership as a dearth of quality ‘followership’.

Look no further than the candidacy of millionaire businessman and ultra-right conservative, Donald Trump, for the President of the United States.  Read More


Sharpen your BS detector

“I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.
” Groucho Marx

The world is suffering from an epidemic of experts. Experts bring a conviction to their ideas and an art to their expression that is hard to challenge. But we must. Why? Because the influence of experts can be dangerous.

Experts once told us not to cuddle our children if we wanted to be good parents. Experts once told us that the solution to the ‘slum problem’ was to build a very tall concrete tower and put all the poor people in it. And a particularly evil self-appointed ‘expert’ told us that the world’s problems would be solved if we simply gassed all the Jews, gays, and gypsies.
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EGC is the key content marketing trend

By Jay Baer

We’ve talked for years about UGC – user generated content – but now we find that perhaps the best source of great content is instead EGC: employee generated content.

After all, your employees understand the company and (should) understand what customers need and want to know about the company. Further, content from employees is often more trusted than content from the organisation itself.  Read More