If you have a book “stuck” in your brain that you cannot get out, you are in good company. Many authors I work with feel the same. Like psychologist and author, Peter J Webb, who wrote “System Three Thinking”.

“My overnight success took about 15 years. That’s about how long I had this book rattling around in my head. The idea came from seeing leaders and others make really awful decisions, decisions that affected employees, communities and sometimes the whole globe. I thought we could make the world a better place if we could just understand wisdom and how to apply it, so I started to research the psychology of wisdom.”

The research took Peter to places he hadn’t anticipated. “That process of putting my research into a book turned out to be an amazing way to crystallise everything I’ve been talking about for years. It all came together in the book.

“The voice I found through writing the book is one I didn’t have before. That voice means my ideas have found a much wider audience than I ever thought possible. Today, I’m talking about these ideas to business and community leaders, as well as patients.”

While the book has resulted in a lot of new business, for Peter, the inner transformation has also been profound.

“One thing I’ve learned is that writing a book does something intangible to your concept of yourself, how you see yourself and perceive yourself in the world. It’s not a linear thing. It’s not, Oh, I’ve written a book. It’s the process, all the slicing and dicing, then coming out the other end and realising you’ve got an audience that you didn’t have before.”

Peter has marketing advice for authors who want their books to change the world and create new business opportunities.

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