I recently got asked a great question about writing a book: How often does the big picture change after you start writing?

And here’s my answer: Every. Single. Time. Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good.

But it is. Let me tell you why.

Writing a book is not ONLY a way to capture what you know and share it with people who care. It’s also a catalyst for new research, new ideas and new thinking.

So when you write a book, you inevitably change the big picture. Your first book might serve one market, but as you write, you see a new and better market. Or, alternatively, you discover new depths to your knowledge and develop new programs or online courses.

So, you write your book (in 90 days) and get it out to the people who need it. You centre your marketing for your current coaching or training programs or speaking gigs around it.

Then you start your next book — one a year is about the right cadence. New programs. New gigs. I hope you like the sound of that big picture shift. I do.

🤔 If you wrote a book, what would you call it?