If you love writing but hate checking your grammar, great news …

Run all your chapters, blogs and posts through an app like Grammarly or Pro-Writing Aid.

I used to prefer Grammarly, but Pro-Writing Aid is my favourite now. Its many reports will make you a better writer.

Aim for a high readability score on Pro-Writing Aid. That is what matters most.

It’s worth buying a month or two of a premium subscription with Grammarly or Pro-Writing Aid and turning on the plagiarism tracker if you are writing a book. They will help you find accidental plagiarism. If you find a snafu, no problem. The app will find the source and you can attribute it like a pro.

You don’t have to follow all the recommendations. Their advice about repetition, for example, is often wrong. But these apps provide a valuable guide to better writing and expression.

If you are writing a book, add to the app chapter by chapter. Neither program handles over 10,000 words at a time.

Another favourite of mine is the Hemingway App. It is especially helpful with the cardinal writing sin — passive sentences.

What favourite apps that help you write would you add to the list?