Many authors worry that they do not have enough quality ideas to share in their book. It’s a worthwhile question for authors to explore, and here is how you do it.

When rough diamonds arrive at the cutting factories from the mines, they are pretty little pebbles, not valuable jewels. Until the jewellers sort and cut them, their true brilliance and potential are unclear. Before jewellers cut a diamond, they create a ‘cutting plan’ that details the size and angle of every facet based on the size, weight and colour of the diamond.

Preparing a chapter plan is like developing a cutting plan. You sort your ideas into piles of rough diamonds. Then, in my Brain to Book program, you ask seven questions that elicit the brilliance of each idea.

The best books go deep. That is why the first step towards a brilliant book is to “Start with Who”. You narrow your scope by creating crystal clarity about your reader. If you try to go deep without narrowing your scope, you end up with too many rough diamonds.

A deep chapter plan, combined with a robust book outline, will create a brilliant book full of quality ideas that your readers will love. And you will be proud to share your book with the world.

What is your favourite little gem, literally (such as amethyst) or perhaps a saying? Mine is “Keep it simple, Kath”.