“I don’t have time,” is often trotted out as a ready excuse, but when it comes to writing a book, many authors believe the time to write is a REAL barrier.

The very first question I ask all would-be authors is “what is their biggest fear?” The most common answer is time. “How can I write a book (in 90 days) without clearing my calendar?”

That is because the clients I work with are busy. They are experts in their fields. When they are not delivering great coaching, speaking, or training programs to their clients, they are pitching ideas and proposals for new gigs, handling enquiries, and managing their small office teams.

And here is an amazing secret. When aspiring authors approach me because they have a lull in business, business picks up again the minute they decide to write a book. It’s quite magical. Just the decision to write a book drives new business. You might think I am crazy, but I have seen it again and again.

Now writing a book is not easy. And writing one in 90 days is almost a miracle. But if you have the right help (like me) and a structured process (like mine), you can write a book in about one hour a workday across 90 days. That is about 60 hours, which is a week and a half!

You might assume that a book written at such speed would be BS. No, it will be a brilliant book, but let me provide two caveats.

    1. To write a brilliant book in 90 days, you must have current programs or processes that you have experience in delivering so that you can draw on that knowledge and experience for the book’s content. Of course, you can write a book on a topic that you don’t know a lot about, but you need extra time (90 days) to research it.
    2. You must either enjoy working on a process or at least acknowledge that to write a book in 90 days, you would need a rigorous process. Not everyone likes to plan their books in the kind of detail you need to write in 90 days. That’s cool. That is my way for you to get it done, but it might not be for you.

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