Having now worked with dozens of clients as they write their books (which is truly an honour), I have seen the emotional trajectory travelled by authors. You can see my model of this journey above.

Every step of this journey – from the moment you start to ideate and capture your book – builds the authority of the author.

But there are two key moments where authors are at risk of opting out of the immense business Growth potential offered by writing a book.

The journey is divided into stages: from brain to book, and then from book to business and beyond.

Opt-out moment #1

The first risky opt-out moment is at the end of the writing process—which in my program Brain to Book—is 90 days.

Here, authors may succumb to self-doubt or perfectionism, (despite the many processes and systems in my program to help). Two results happen. One, the written book sits around for ages, being rewritten before the author finally overcomes the doubt and publishes. Two, the book sits neglected, and the author, sadly, never overcomes the doubt and does not publish. Yikes.

Opt-out moment #2

The second opt-out emotion happens when the book is published. You might be surprised to hear that this moment is one of confidence. Having gone through the pride and exhilaration (well-deserved) of publishing, authors opt out of the promotion and business-building process. Yet, every best-seller has a marketing machine behind it to accelerate its distribution.  

Those authors who overcome this second opt-out go on to become masters of boosting their business growth with the book they have published.

The solution

Stand by. My new program – From Book to Business and Beyond – will support you on this most exciting journey. Launch strategically. Win Reviews. Adapt your book to an online course. Master social media. Generate leads. National or global distribution. And much more.

🤔  What emotions come up for you when you think about the emotional journey to authorship?