I’ve committed to “radical honesty”—well almost (see caveat below*). I had a birthday on Saturday. And my big insight?…

Radical honesty saves humongous amounts of time. Get to the point. Say what you mean. Because NO time to waste, right? Every birthday, another step closer.

TIME is the biggest barrier between most experts and their books. (And it’s real, isn’t it, even if you write it in 90 Days in my program?)

So, here’s the deal. Writing a book is a MASSIVE time saver! Whaaaa?

Yes, you write a book and…

… you cut by 50% or even 75% the time you spend writing:

  • proposals and pitch doc
  • social media posts (and thinking of topics)
  • your newsletters
  • your keynote speech
  • your in-person training courses
  • your online training courses

And that time-saving works for two to five years.

If time is the issue, I get it. But when you do the calculations, do take into the time savings in the following years.

Upfront effort. Yes. Long tail return. You betcha.
*(The caveat to my commitment is that I’ve yet to read the book: Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth by Dr. Brad Blanton, 2005😁 )