I love the Danish way of life and in particular their word Hygge (pron hyoo-ga). Hygge is hard to define, but in short, it is all about cosiness and connection.

Winter is hygge for authors. Your social engagements are fewer, so you spend more time with fewer people. The weather and the early darkening nights call you to stay safe and cosy inside. A hot-water bottle or warmed wheat bag under your socked feet, some candles and the soft glow of the computer screen all encourage brilliant words to come forth. Although writing is considered a solitary occupation, you are connecting with your imagined reader in a deep and profound way. Writing a book in winter is Hygge.

In my program, Brain to Book in 90 Days (next intake in the last week of May), you will have finished writing your book by the time the spring has sprung. How lovely to emerge from winter hibernation to find that you have transformed into an author, like a caterpillar to a butterfly. From expert to authority. (I define an authority as an expert with a book to prove it!)

As winter winds down and the spring weather beckons you outside to reconnect with your broader circle of friends, family and colleagues, your book will be on its path to perfect publication.

Even while your book is being edited and designed, your ideal client will start to knock on your door. I’ve seen it happen again and again to my clients. Once their book is written, even before it is published, their business begins to build. That is because the clarity and confidence you gain in your ideas from writing your book is a powerful magnet to the clients you want most to engage with and help.

So, winter 2022 is coming.

Would you like to write a book with me this winter? Just email me at [email protected] and I will be in touch.