Look, peeps, if you are going to subscribe to one content marketing e-newsletter (other than mine), here’s the thing: it has to be Copyblogger.

No, I haven’t met its founder, Brian Clark, and I’m not being paid to write this effusive praise – soon be a backed up with some good solid reasoning – for the man and his website. It’s just that there are so many reasons to be part of what Copyblogger is doing, and has been doing since 1998, long before the word “content marketing” existed (and when I was still a cub journalist).

For the past year, I’ve been scouring the world for the world’s best content marketing websites, and I’ve some truly great ones. It’s just that for some of us, Copyblogger is going to be the best. Here’s why.

Why Copyblogger is so sh*t-hot

  1. It’s absolutely packed with magnificent content. As the folks say in their About section, they walk the talk; they’ve built their own business by offering outstanding, clear, quality content and lots of it. You will find articles and e-books enough to educate you on absolutely every aspect of writing, design, social media, SEO, keyword research – you name it, you will find concise, reliable information in a format that you can use – now! And the headlines are so cool, they are hot. There’s a lesson in every one.
  2. It’s honest. I love this recent post: A Warts-and-All Guide to Kickstarter: What Works and What Doesn’t (Plus Where We Royally Screwed Up). I mean, you just have to read that, don’t you?It’s topical because we’ve all been wondering if we could get our pet project crowd-funded lately and it’s irresistible because it’s a tell-all story about their own mistakes. That also makes it generous, and trusted – two key element of successful content marketing, in my view.
  3. It’s website design is gob-smackingly effective. Clean, easy-to-navigate, full of rewards for effort (as the brilliant behavioural economics expert, Bri Williams, might put it), it offers a lot of free content, but also provides premium content and services for paid (Authority) subscribers. Only four required fields and several payment options.

Who should be a Copyblogger fan?

Actually, I don’t think Copyblogger is for everyone; it’s a site for practitioners, I reckon.


That makes it perfect for the following folks:

  • Former-journalists-turning-into-content marketers (like me).
  • Former editors, ditto (like me).
  • Marketing chiefs – you gotta know everything about this stuff.
  • Marketing sub-chiefs whose job it is to execute the marketing chief’s directive to “get social”.
  • Digital marketing experts who realise that they need more content in their social media marketing campaigns.
  • Young journalists who know their future in traditional media roles will be very short-lived unless someone thinks up a new business model.
  • Subeditors from the traditional media who need to understand the new world of online headline writing (a huge opportunity)
  • Leaders of small businesses who want to become hugely successful without spending a fortune on marketing.
  • Leaders of mid-sized growth businesses who want to give their big rivals a huge fright by using disruptive marketing tactics on them. (Hurry, limited time only. The big boys are catching on).
  • Leaders of global companies who don’t want to be caught with their pants down by mid-sized growth businesses (see above).
  • Designers who want to do really, really good websites for their clients.
  • Clients who want to know what to ask their website designers to build for them to get a really good website (and, again, go to Bri’s site – see above).

Are you ticking any boxes? If you’re a susbscriber to CB, but you don’t fit my list, let me know so I can add you.

Enjoy Copyblogger.

(Hey Brian, just in case you didn’t know, I love you, mate.)