I recently went to buy a round brush for blow-drying my hair (y’all know how I feel about my hair).

I’d been watching some YouTube videos – as you do – to improve my technique and realised my round brush was too small. (And, before you ask, you are going to learn something about writing by reading this post.)

But no video helped me with the big problem, which was how the hell you are supposed to wield a hairdryer at various angles, especially at the back of your head, without it missing the brush and blowing hair madly all over the place. PS, that ain’t me below.

Fortunately, my field research went broader than the round brush stand. In the shop, I discovered a round brush with the hair dryer inside. Ta-da! Solution to the hair dryer issue.

And my point is?

Before you write your book, update your research. Things change. Check that you are up to date with “power postures” (the research changed) and the number of start-ups that don’t make it.

Sometimes naughty people make up stuff, like the idea that it costs four times the salary of a new hire to recruit them (can’t find the source on that one, but happy to be proved wrong).

Check. And double-check.