I’ve got a thing about hairdressers. Call me vain but I have gorgeous hair (yes, I really said that – see below) and I don’t want some lunatic with a pair of shears getting anywhere near it.

It happened once. The senior hairdresser subbed in a junior who slashed away at my locks. All the while, it was crystal clear that her mind was on:

  • Trying not to puke up last night’s alcohol consumption, and
  • Thinking about the boy/girl she got it on with at the party.

No judgement – I was young and stupid once (and I still am). But when her eyes finally focused on my face, and she simpered, “What do you think? I told her: “That is the worst haircut I have ever had in my entire life.” (PS: As a hangover cure, an insult from an angry client works wonders.)

So, these days, I pay with my firstborn for a great haircut.

But what has this got to do with writing a book, you ask? The answer is this. ROI (return on investment). Is it worth the investment of time and money to write a book? Hell yeah, and here is why.

When you write a brilliant business book, it is life-changing. You emerge with a depth of knowledge and clarity about communicating your value that you have NEVER experienced before. All your clients and prospective clients will hear the confidence in your voice – even before your book hits the press. Sales go through the roof.

Why – because you will believe in yourself as never before. I’ve seen this happen time and again with the dozens of authors I’ve worked with.

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