Scratch the covers of most “individual” accomplishments and you’ll find a busy team. One-woman shows have directors, producers, lighting designers and ticket sellers. Successful entrepreneurs have investors, advisors and visionary early clients.

Becoming an influential author is as much of a team endeavour as every stride into the spotlight.

Put simply, a book coach will get you over the finish line with a winning book. That’s much harder to do on your own. You need a team whether you’re racing-car driver Lewis Hamilton making a podium finish at the Monaco Grand Prix, journalist Malcolm Gladwell planting the sixth flag on the New York Times bestseller list… or an author with a great idea you need to get out of your head.

Every day you waste struggling to work out concepts, form, structure, voice and process on your own is a day your book isn’t out there to throw a net over the work you want to attract.

🤔 What have you tried to do – professional or personally – where you should have engaged an expert to help? For me, it was trying to write my website copy without the help of Steven Lewis.