Who am I to write a book? Wow! What a SHOWSTOPPER. That doubt may keep you from putting words on paper and publishing them for days, months, or years.

To step up to the task of writing a book and sharing your wisdom with the world, you must find an answer to this question. Here’s how:

Honour your gurus

As a business journalist, I spent decades writing about subjects in which I am not an expert. Just quoting other people made me look like an authority! When you write, quote other books, people and research. When you cite your gurus, honour them. Tell the reader why you respect them, how they influenced and changed you. When you quote others, you add to your authority.

Explain your authority with simplicity

I smile a little (inside) when my clients tell me they feel unworthy of writing a book. I stand in awe of their knowledge and their experience, which extends over years, sometimes decades. You know your topic and can prove it. Whilst data and degrees will support your arguments, your REAL authority comes through your stories, anecdotes, examples and metaphors. Let your authority shine through the stories you tell.

Who are you NOT to write your book

Today, the power of the book is yours to wield. To write and self-publish is cheaper than ever before. And if you have the knowledge to share, who are you NOT to share it? Let others be the judge of its value. Your job is to conquer your self-doubt, write your book, and share it with the world.