To “updo” or “down-do”, that is the question. What does each hairstyle communicate? One says modern, the other says elegant (perhaps).

Whenever I work with authors to develop their book ideas, they face the updo and down-do question … in a different form.

Every book topic, like every hairstyle, has been done before. So how will your book help you stand out?

The secret is to develop a unique “angle” on your topic. By this I mean the slant or approach you take to discussing your ideas. We cannot come at a topic head-on – unless you truly are the first to write on it. Einstein didn’t need a slant on his theory of relativity.

But if you write about leadership, you will compete with thousands of new titles on the topic published each year, and a back catalogue of millions.

How can you stand out? With your unique angle.

I coach experts around the world in writing books that transform them into authorities. That doesn’t mean you need a PhD in your field. However, it does mean you need enough experience in your area to bring something new to the discussion.

You don’t have to know that when we start. That’s part of my expertise. Our first task will be to find precisely what thoughts, models and experiences you’ll be contributing to the conversation in your field. Because of my expertise in defining what makes your book different, you’ll know from the start that you’re producing something original — something even your peers will have to read.

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