My clients often ask me whether to include personal stories in their business books. And, if so, how personal should they be?

Few stories could be more personal than that of my client, Gail Eaton-Briggs. Gail’s husband suffered a brain injury that led to lifelong disabilities.

For years, Gail struggled as the family carer. Then, she reached a tipping point. She confessed to her doctor her terror that her husband’ disability might lead to an accident with their children. Her doctor validated her fears, shifting Gail’s resolve. Gail left her husband.

Gail shares her story with grace and purpose (and the agreement of others). Her story serves to inspire us all to take tough life decisions. And she provides her readers with practical frameworks to make their own tough decisions.

Last week, Gail launched her remarkable book – Conscious Grit: From Stuck to Unstoppable – at the Hobart Bookshop.

The moral? Be as honest as you must be to make your point with power and grace as Gail has done.