Self-published authors sometimes wonder if a book launch is worth the effort and expense. Let’s take a quick look at this long-held tradition and see if it stands up to modern times.


  • Celebrate your huge accomplishment of writing and publishing your book
  • Receive support from friends and colleagues who love your work
  • Build excitement and buzz around the book
  • Encourage readers to buy a copy


  • Online events are not so popular right now.
  • In-person events are quite complex and expensive to organise.

So, there are not many cons, and I’d even challenge the one about online events. I know we are a bit over Zoom, but a short (35-minute), upbeat online launch can be exhilarating and allow you to get interstate and international guests.

I used to be a bit ho-hum about book launches, but I reckon they stack up as one of the many steps you can take to build interest in your book.