What do these two incredible book titles have in common?

The_7_Habits_of_Highly_Effective_People” by Steven Covey and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie are two of the world’s best non-fiction book titles.

And they have something in common that makes them so brilliant. They know their readers’ nirvana.

Nirvana is a Sanskrit word. In Buddhism, this word describes the ideal, the highest state, which is to extinguish all worldly desires and therefore suffering. I am taking liberties with this word and I don’t mean to trivialise it. I want a word that describes the place of beauty, meaning and satisfaction for your client. Nirvana is vivid with each of those possibilities.

Both book titles capture their readers’ nirvana – their ideal. One is to be highly effective (and with great relief to discover that only requires mastering seven habits). The other is to win a friend and influence people. Who among us does not want that?

Before you write your book, you must know your readers’ nirvana. What matters to them above all else? What is their highest aspiration? If you can name their nirvana and help them achieve that ideal, you will win your readers’ hearts.

What is your reader’s nirvana?