Some authors worry – if they share all their cleverness in their book – that no-one will buy their training programs or their keynotes? But I explain that there are three kinds of readers: the Walrus, the Beaver and the Wizard.

The WALRUS devours your book and loves every word. At the end of your book, what does Walrus do? Lies down in the sun with a big sigh. And goes to sleep. Happy. Walruses love your book and recommend it to friends. But Walruses don’t follow advice. They read books and sunbake.

The BEAVER loves your book, too. She beavers away, doing everything you suggest. Beavers recommend your book too. But they never buy programs. Beavers are strictly DIY.

The WIZARD is an altogether different reader. Wizards love your book and know instantly the chemistry that would come from working with you. Wizards make magic happen. They conjure success from rare ingredients.

Wizard + Book + Author, for example.

Everything you give freely to a Walrus or a Beaver is repaid handsomely when a Wizard walks through your door.

Q: If your ideal client was an animal or mythical creature, what kind would they be?


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