Brilliant books are made of brilliant chapters. Brilliant chapters (and blogs) are made of bones, muscles and skin.

The bones are made of ‘propositions’. A proposition is a single statement that answers a single question in the mind of the reader. For example, here is one of my key propositions: You can write a brilliant book in 90 days.

The muscle is the ‘proof’ that your proposition is true. For example, I have helped over 20 authors to write a book they are proud of in 90 days. It might be a story, an example, some data or a testimonial like this:

“I had this idea for a book that I couldn’t get out of my head. Kath was able to extract the knowledge out of my head and drive momentum over a 12-week process that ultimately resulted in 55,000 words published by Wiley Business Books.” Jamie Pride, Unicorn Tears

The skin allows you to touch your audience with your empathy and understanding by anticipating their doubts and objections and answering them with compassion.

Bones = propositions

Muscles = proof

Skin = empathy and understanding

When you flesh out your chapters, have all three for a brilliant impact.