Every writer has a moment when they get stuck and can’t get going again. Has that happened to you?

It might be a big block, or small. Both are uncomfortable. What can you do about it?

My biggest tip is to make starting easy. When you stop writing, stop in the middle of a chapter or a blog sequence. Add some notes so you remember what you planned to write when you next get back to work.

Let’s see what other writers have to say on this topic.

Author and blogger, Jeff Goins, suggest 14 strategies, but first, he tackles the big reasons why we get stumped: fear, perfectionism and timing. And, in addition to his 14 ways to overcome a blockage, this piece also reveals strategies that don’t work.

Reedsy is a place to find editors and designers for your book. I particularly like one of their 20 tips. It’s number 5: Relax on the first draft. Writing a book is an iterative process. Draft, draft and polish. That gets you past the anxiety.

Writer’s block must drive publishers, like Penguin Random House crazy. After all, if their writers don’t deliver on time, their publishing schedules go awry. Here’s is one of their innovative solutions: Deny, Deny, Deny.

The “inner demon” can cripple even the most experienced writer. But what if you could find a way to get her on your side? If the demon has you stuck, try “Taming your Inner Demon”.

Stay tuned for more wisdom on writing, editing, design and publishing from me and from other experts around the world.