I’ve asked Chat GPT again and again to outline a book about how to write a book (like mine). No matter how many times I ask, the AI NEVER comes up with my book: “Overnight Authority: How to Win Respect, Command Attention and Earn More Money by Writing a book in 90 Days.

That’s the challenge for authors. AI writing assistants are the standard to beat.


Write about your original ideas. 

My book is about a proven process that dozens of my clients have used to write their books. I included ideas that I know work (based on my experience as a professional writer and journalist of several decades). I explained why some ideas do not work. I provided evidence to prove my ideas. And I kept my readers entertained with examples, anecdotes and stories.

That said, I love what this amazing new AI writing technology can do. It’s so good and getting better daily.

It’s not about the quality of the prompts, it’s about where you apply the prompts. It is not about the answers, but how you analyse the answers.

Over the past three months of intensive research, I have come up with the best AI strategy for authors, including:

  • Principles to guide your prompts.
  • Prompts to achieve specific purposes.
  • Examples, examples and more examples of how to get the best results.

In my program, Brain to Book in 90 Days, I show authors where to focus their effort to stand out and beat the new standard.