As a journalist, I became a finishing expert. I wrote and published about 100,000 words a year.

At first, finishing a story was a huge challenge. Soon, I learned the art of finishing and its incredible power to change my life. Finishing will change your life, too, if you let it. Here’s one of the remarkable powers of finishing:  

Power #1. Make more money.

I started journalism as a freelancer, paid by the word, not the hour. Before I learned to finish, here’s what I did:

  • Moved paragraphs and words to new positions (endlessly)
  • Spent hours finding more information
  • Worried that I had missed the point
  • Stared at the blank page
  • Made a coffee
  • Felt bad

Because I couldn’t finish, my hourly rate was pitiful. The faster I finished, the higher it climbed. Did the standard fall? No. If my story wasn’t up to scratch, no pay. Every blog, every book you finish will help you, too, to make more money. Each builds your value in the eyes of your reader. 

What would you love to finish that isn’t there yet?