Of all the SPOOKY ol’ mistaken beliefs about writing (and believe me, there are many) there is one that is a real ghoul (cause it’s Halloween).

Around the world, there are so many ghost books sitting unfinished in the top drawer of a would-be author’s desk because of this myth.

It’s kind of cruel, too, because it takes so much of the fun out of writing a book.

So, what’s the myth?

It’s the myth that REAL writers write alone. REAL writers don’t need help.

It’s the MYTH that REAL authors lock themselves in a garret, sweat and labour until they burst forth with a brilliant creation, fully formed, fully finished and absolutely perfect.

🚀 As I write this, I am working online with another five authors who are all working on a writing project. We are just working together. Each writer has a way of receiving feedback and input on the work they are creating, either from me, or each other, or from their clients or supporters.

🚀 Writing is a team sport. It’s complete BS that authors don’t need help or guidance. Even the best, most successful authors benefit from coaching, editing, and feedback. Seeking help isn’t a weakness—it’s a strength that propels you towards success.

🚀 And, it’s also true that all authors need help from book editors, book designers and book printers to get a truly professional finished result into the hands of our readers.

If you’re haunted by past failed attempts at writing, don’t allow these experiences to taint your belief in your ability to successfully author a book.

Reach out for help, bust all the myths holding you back, and get your book into the hands of the readers who need your help.