Is writer’s block a thing? And if it is a thing, what’s the secret to overcoming it?

I understand the idea. You sit and stare at a blank page. You cannot write a word.

Or, more likely, you write and cross out or delete your words. Everything looks weak, pathetic, laughable even.

Or maybe you do make some progress, but it feels a lot like wading knee-deep through a sticky treacle.

So what causes you to sit like a rabbit, frozen in the headlights?

Is it a lack of planning? Is it fear?

Let me let you in on a massive secret. This is the big one. This is the ONE THING that makes the difference between success and failure, between being blocked and soaring like a brilliant bird to writing heaven.

Writing is 99% momentum.

Writing is like exercise. You cannot stay fit on yesterday’s exercise. Today’s exercise keeps you fit.

The more regularly you write, the more:

  • beautifully you write
  • easily you write
  • quickly you reconnect with what you wrote before, and
  • effortlessly you pick up where you left off.

Yes, you must plan, and you must have a writing process.

But to overcome writer’s block, to break through the fear, focus on momentum.