Content marketing is a fabulous field to be in, even for the novice. Since its proponents want to show you how its done as much as tell you, the web is jam-packed with blogs, tips, ebooks, surveys and services.

I regret to say that most of the sites I visit regularly are American, but there are one or two worth following in Australia (other than mine, or course).

  1. The Content Marketing Institute – Joe Pulizzi is seen by many as the father of content marketing (or at least the term) and his CMI is an remarkable repository or great ideas and valueable resources. CMI writers are guests on my blog once a month.
  2. Skyword – there are so many free ebooks and resources to use as resources on this clearly-presented site. I regularly refer to the Seven Steps To Kickstart Your Content Marketing ebook.
  3. B2C community has a constant flow of news and ideas such as this recent one: Five technologies content marketers can’t ignore.
  4. Neil Patel has to be one of the most prolific bloggers in the universe. What I love about his super-popular blogsite – Quicksprout – is its focus on numbers. Neil’s a great resource to find out how to build subscribers, convert leads, and understand search engine rankings.
  5. Serial entrepreneur Brian Clarke – the brains behind Copyblogger – has a good thing going on with his highly integrated offering of free and paid services. This guy really knows how to suck you in and sign you up, and has one of the very best content marketing ebooks I’ve got about how to write headlines.
  6. OK, I don’t love the look of Marketing Land, and I think that is a seriously weird name for a website, but this story is such a key concept in content marketing that I’m sticking on my list.
  7. Catriona Pollard, the founder of CP Communications, is a master of social media – which is an essential ingredient of every content marketing campaign, so check out the regular articles published by Catriona to stay up to date in all things social.
  8. Trevor Young likes to call himself the PR Warrior, and I agree with him. He’s out there fighting for a different approach to the public relations. His advice on using content to establishing yourself as a thought leaders is especially valuable. You’ll find tips in his blogs, and in the snappily titled: microDOMINATION: How to leverage social media and content marketing to build a mini-business empire around your personal brand.
  9. As well as the valuable tips and advice you will find when browsing on Brandpoint’s blog, you can search through its archives quickly and easily using its list of categories.
  10. The layout of ClickThrough Marketing’s blog is an example to us all: clean layouts and tantalising headlines, mixed with intriguing and sometimes funny graphics. And that is before you start reading!