Buying should feel good. When I buy a lovely looking apple and I bite into it and the juices run down my chin and make me laugh, that is good buying. Buying is great. Nothing wrong with buying.

But most marketing of stuff to buy is bullsh*t. It’s emotional manipulation. It works; I’ve had it done to me, and I have bought what is on offer. But it doesn’t feel good.
It’s why I love ‘content marketing’, which is modern jargon for writing and sharing valuable content such as books, blogs and posts (like the one you’re reading). 
What’s the difference between marketing and content marketing? Trust. 
When I share my book or blog with you, I build trust. Instead of telling you that I am great at what I do, I show you. And I show you how you can be great, too. Show – don’t tell. That is the secret of content marketing.
 What have you bought that made you feel great?