I love the thoughts on the subject of whether you should write a book in HBR by John Butman, the author of Breaking Out: How to Build Influence in a World of Competing Ideas.

Butman makes a compelling case for 7 outcomes that ONLY writing a book can deliver. My favourite three, which I quote verbatim, are:

Evidence of effort. Books are hard to write and everybody knows it. They demand more rigorous thought and require a greater preponderance of material than any other form of expression. If you put in the work and do the thinking, people will usually grant you a larger measure of authority than if you have put in the work and done the hard thinking but haven’t written a book.”

World’s most beautiful (utilitarian) object. The book is a work of art and elegant technology. It is a tangible form that enables you to hold an abstraction in your hands. It is also, you have to admit, a great gift item.”

Wellspring of future endeavour. The book is the end of a period of work, and the beginning of another, often more important, one. It is not the final word on your topic, but rather the start of a conversation about it. With a book, you can lay the groundwork for a whole life’s enterprise.”

To read the entirety of Butman’s article, including a couple of words of caution for aspiring authors, click here. You will be amply rewarded.

Thanks, John.

🤔 Which of these outcomes most appeals to you?