Choosing a book coach can be daunting. After all, you want to write a brilliant book that you are proud to share with the world, don’t you? So, here are seven essential questions to ask.  

Does your coach have a:

  1. Pain-free process that makes writing magical and fun and keeps you going.

  2. Means to slay your inner demons and overcome any barriers between you and the finish line.

  3. Shelf of books written by happy clients about their coaching or training programs in their own unique voice (including co-authors).

  4. Way to determine your author’s voice and reveal your personality through the pages.

  5. Time-bound, proven process with an achievable deadline, and clarity and accountability about who does what, when.
  6. A demonstrated model for your return on investment (time and money) showing value delivered.

  7. Detailed pre- and post-launch publishing strategy.

Which of those ideal qualities would be the most important to you?