Publishing is a relationship builder.  It was April a few years ago when I got a contact request via LinkedIn. With it came a note. ‘Enjoyed your article on being worthy to write a book, Kath. I’d like to connect.’ Done. I thanked Mike (that’s his real name) for the feedback and asked him to let me know if I could help in any way.

In August, Mike came back to me: ‘Hi Kath, ‘I “may” write a book, let’s have a chat on the phone.’

What happened between April and August? Only that I had continued to publish posts regularly, and Mike had liked what I wrote. Soon, we were working together on Mike Adam’s terrific book, The Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell.

It’s been a huge success for Mike, hitting bestseller heights across the United Kingdom, America and Australia. In Mike’s book, you learn what a story is, and how to find the (true) stories from your life that connect and influence the people you want to do business with.

Here’s a link to read more about it.

Why am I sharing this story? It’s a reminder that regular, relatable and relevant stories build connections with readers and lead to real relationships.