Winning a book award can be a terrific way to promote your book.

Before you enter, however, check the awards’ cred and backers.

The Australian Business Book Awards started in 2019, are growing fast, and have much to recommend them. (To declare my personal interest, I am both a judge on the awards and on the committee developing them.)

  1. The awards are not-for-profit. Neither organisers nor judges are paid. Profits from entry fees are donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.
  2. There are over $15,000 worth of prizes to be won.
  3. Winning an award will help sell and promote your book. Being shortlisted or in the finalists’ list of one of the 10 categories also earns you bragging rights.
  4. The awards are strongly supported by professionals in independent (self-) publishing, who are committed to rigour and quality in the judging process.
  5. The awards help independent authors achieve or surpass the standards of content and production (design and publishing) of the traditional publishing industry and compete on a level playing field.
  6. The awards bring prominence to the business book segment of the market, which is somewhat neglected by publishers and media.
  7. You’ll discover some of the best business books written each year and can recommend them to your friends and clients by looking at the gallery and winners each year.

Entries to the Australian Business Book Awards 2022 open soon.

🤔 If you wrote a book, would you like it to win an award and why?