No-one wants to write a book. Which is a tragic admission for a book coach, isn’t it? But let me explain how this can be true when I have 45 books written by my clients on my shelf.

No-one REALLY wants to write a book. No, siree (as they say in USA). What everyone REALLY WANTS is to:

  • Clarify and capture their ideas
  • Inspire people
  • Change the world
  • Change just one person in the world
  • Reveal to the world (and to themselves) their true uniqueness
  • Get more leads (let’s face it)
  • Not have to sell as hard (it’s true)
  • Have their ideal client banging at their door, begging to come in (eat your heart out, Tony Robbins)

In short, to become the go-to authority in your field.

Ok, well maybe you really DO want to write a book for the sheer pleasure of the hours (months or years) of blood, sweat and tears. You are writing it just for you.

Great. But would you be sad if you got all the outcomes above?