Here’s a tip to start marketing your book: Connect with your readership on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find the very people you wrote your book for and share it with them.

Great authors get clear about their readership before they write. (If you are not clear on how to do this, just email me at [email protected] and type WHO. I’ll send you “Start with Who”, which is Chapter 1 of my book “Overnight Authority”.)

Here’s how to connect with the first group of your readers on LinkedIn:

  1. Type anything into the search function and press enter.
  2. From the menus that appear below the search bar, press people.
  3. Then click all filters (it’s on the right)
  4. Choose 1st connections.
  5. Choose a location.
  6. In the keyword section, under ‘title’, add your readers’ title, e.g. coach. Boolean terms also work e.g. Coach NOT Author or Coach AND Author

This is the first group of readers you will share your new book with. I’ll show you how to approach them in coming posts, and how to find new readers too.

🤔 What terms do you use to find your ideal clients or readers on LinkedIn?