I like to start getting to know all my LinkedIn connections by sharing a gift.  

Social media can be so transactional. But I want social media to be a place where real connections are made. Too often, new connections “hit” me with a request the instant I connect with them. Or they invite me to a webinar. Mentally, my reaction is, “But I hardly know you…”

I’d like my connections to feel they know a little bit about me, just as I would in “real life”. So my very first exchange is to provide them with a free PDF of chapter one of my book, “Overnight Authority: How to Win Respect, Command Attention and Earn More Money by Writing a book in 90 Days.”   

They might read it, or they might not. They might read it now, or they might read it later. I don’t know. After all, when you give a gift, you don’t demand that people enjoy it. You simply hope that they do.

Yes, I am marketing my book on LinkedIn, but I am doing so with the intention of creating real connections with real people.  

If they like the gift, and perhaps read the chapter, we then have the basis for a chat in the future where I can find out more about this person. Connect and converse.   

Then social media connections become real and meaningful connections. Not all, but some. When the time is right.

If you gave a gift to your connections, what would it be?