A ferocious dog was hauling me forward, and my daughter was next to me yelling “It’s not a dog, Mum, it’s a tiger!!!”

“It’s definitely a dog, sweetie—it’s a poodle,” I yelled, as I struggled to hang on.

That was me and my fellow performer, Sass, on stage on Sunday night performing improvisation skits. My debut. There was no dog or tiger, just a lot of laughter.

The whole experience reminds me so much of a book launch. Feeling kinda hyped, kinda terrified, kinda honoured and kinda all over the place.

Be it publishing a book or doing an improv show, a creative pursuit takes you out into the outer reaches of your comfort zone.

AND there isn’t a lot of difference in the way your body feels when it’s excited and when it’s terrified. A fine line. That’s the one we tread when we embark on a creative journey.

A new creative pursuit brings a lot of other joy:

  • Learning and being open and curious
  • Encounters with new people while you are feeling open and curious. It makes for lovely bonds.
  • Insights about yourself that come with the challenges.
  • Fun, in whatever way it comes to you.
  • Opportunities. You never know what lies ahead when you travel down a new road.

All this—and so much more—awaits you if you decide it’s time for you to get creative and write your book.