Is writing a book worth the money and time? I decided to ask my clients that question.

Leah Mether published her book “Soft is the New Hard” in 2019. (Great timing.) Here’s what she hoped it would do.

“I wanted a supercharged business card that upped my credibility, so I could up my prices for the programs and workshops that I deliver. I also wanted a resource that participants in my training and workshops could take away and use to embed what they learned with me, something they could use to keep reinforcing those lessons.”

And the results?

“Since the book came out, I’ve been able to focus on what I offer, double my prices and stay busy even in the worst of COVID. The book means I’m not just another comms person or leadership trainer in the market. I have intellectual property, a model and a structure that they can see works.

“As the author of this book, my positioning is rock solid. I’m working with organisations that maybe wouldn’t have found me without the book, and my business has more than doubled in a pandemic.”

Wow! What a testament to the remarkable power of writing a brilliant book. Yes, that is right. Not just a book, but a brilliant book.

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FYI: One of the secrets of Leah’s success was getting her self-published book onto bookshop shelves.