As a would-be author, you probably worry that your book might have NO impact. What if the book you labour to write falls into the ocean of ideas with barely a ripple, let alone a splash?

No way! You want to write is a page-turner—a book your reader can’t put down.

A page-turner even trumps a bestseller. So many bestsellers never get read (Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”, for example.)

But a page-turner gets read (and read fast), and THEN becomes a best-seller.

So, what makes a page-turner?

It’s not about literary skill—I’ve read plenty of b-grade potboilers that I just couldn’t put down. (Not that I am suggesting you write a B-grade book. Oh no! Just making the point.)

No, page-turners come down to two essentials:

  1. A cracking, deep understanding of what motivates your reader.
  2. A brilliant, robust book outline.

And you will never guess…

That is exactly what my Brain to Book Kickstarter program delivers for you.

  1. Two hours, one on one with me, to deepen your understanding of your readers’ motivations, and
  2. A full one-day online workshop to develop a book outline for a page-turning business book.

I have limited places available at my next Brain to Book Kickstarter on September 21, 2022, from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

You STILL have time for 2022 to be the year you write your brilliant business book.  

For details, email me ([email protected]) with KickStarter, so I can send it to you.  

Or book a call with me using the link below. 

🤔 I would love to know your favourite page-turner.