I don’t believe for one instant that astrology can help me heal anything, from a sore toe to my relationship with my daughter or anyone else. Nor do I believe this book would ever convince me otherwise.

But I didn’t take a photo of this book just to diss it. No, I took a photo because this book is a perfect example of writing to a niche audience.

These authors are not interested in me, or my judgements of them. They are writing for mothers who believe in astrology (or might) and who have fractured relationships with their daughters. WOW! That is what I call a niche.

I thought I had picked a crazily niche audience – the “vegan vets of Brighton”——to make this point in my book, “Overnight Authority: How to Win Respect, Command Attention and Earn More Money by Writing a book in 90 Days.”

I wrote:

“Imagine your reader as the young vegan vets of Brighton, 25-year-olds, who have finished their studies within a year or two. They work in another vet’s practise so they can build enough skills to start their own practice. Compare the issues these young vets have to say, a vegan vet in Brighton who’s 55 and wants to retire in five years.

The more precisely you narrow your audience, the more you understand the world from their point of view.

Yes, no one who isn’t a 55-year-old vegan vet in Brighton will read your book. But every 55-year-old vegan vet in Brighton will see themselves when they read your book.”

Do you ever find inspiration from objects you dislike?