My giveaway from a month ago got a big response: 10 Failsafe Ways To Increase Your Fees (even in a cost-of-living crisis). Email me here ([email protected]) if you missed out and want a copy.

All 10 strategies in that giveaway are failsafe, and more so for authors.
But they work ONLY on one condition.
You must overcome a common anxiety that can really hold you back.

I call it ‘pricing anxiety’. You know, the stomach-clenching feeling you get when a prospective client pushes back on your price or gives you a straight-out ‘no’.

I’m not immune to this. It’s all too easy to think, ‘Wow, I’ve gone too high’. Even when you know:

  • your program is value-packed and life-changing
  • you deliver all you have promised and so much more.
  • what your clients buy is far more than the practical outcome …
  • it’s the transformation that achieving that outcome creates.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t consider the possibility your prices have hit a ceiling—that is why I released the giveaway. Perhaps you need to package them differently, for one.

But pricing anxiety is a form of self-doubt. And self-doubt is the kind of global anxiety that doesn’t help you implement a strategy.

Pricing is a science. So before you change your prices, check yourself for ‘pricing anxiety’. If you believe your offer is life-changing and value-packed, then pricing is just a strategy. It’s all about perceived value (on your prospective client’s side) and delivered value on yours.