A while ago, there was a book coaching scam! Who knew! You paid US$2000 and you got nothing.

Since I started helping coaches and other experts to write books (in 90 days), quite a few other providers have joined the market. Cool with that (except the scams)!

But for would-be authors, that makes the choice more complex.
Below are insights I’ve gained from interviewing dozens of people about writing their book and what they hope for and expect from a coach.
  1. Does your prospective coach believe in what you want to write about?
  2. Do you like your coach?
  3. How will your coach hold you accountable? (Not will they, but HOW will they?)
  4. How will you make a return on your investment?
  5. Does your coach understand your market?
  6. Does your coach have a proven system to help you write your manuscript that works? 
Have anything else to add to the list?