You’ve written your book. You slaved for months. You agonised over everything – the title, the angle, the messages, the advice, the case studies and stories.

If you charged for the hours worked, it’d be worth thousands. If you charged for the time it’s taken you to learn everything that is in your book, it’d be worth millions.

So what is it worth?

It IS worth tens of thousands, and possibly millions.

Whah???  But who ever heard of a business book with a price tag more than about $30 or maybe $45.

Add 10s of 1000s of dollars (or millions) to your business because your book:

  • Opens doors to new, higher-value clients.
  • Closes sales faster and, as we know, a faster sale is a more profitable sale.
  • Increases your credibility and impact by getting your important messages out there.
  • Builds your profile through podcasts and speaking gigs, to name a few.
  • Fills the top of your sales funnel with inquiries, allowing you to pick and choose clients you want to work with and those that really value you (and pay you accordingly).

That’s just a little of what your book is worth.